Dear Eception Shareholder!

Thank you for your support. We are excited to grow Eception Ventures Inc. (“the Company”) and will work to increase share value in the coming years.

Please check back to this website for updates as we will add to the update section below when we have news.

Please remember to email us at if you have a change in contact details, such as an address change.

Update posted on March 28, 2019

* Reminder that you can find your special warrant certificate and other information related to the Company and your investment when you log into your account at

* Reminder that on July 12, 2019 your special warrants will automatically convert to common shares if no transaction triggers the conversion to happen earlier;

* Once converted the common shares would be held with the company’s lawyer and will have a cost base of $0.05 per share, the same amount you paid for the special warrant;

Update March 12, 2019

* financing closed March 12, 2019 through;

* business focus for the next year will be to look for an asset and raise additional financing to pay for an asset, if required.